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How To Make $500 A Day: 10 Smart Ways
Did the car break down? Is it time for a new refrigerator? Whatever the reason is that you’re trying to figure out how to make $500 a day, or how to make $500 in a week realistically, we’ve got you covered.

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The fastest way to make some extra money is to sell stuff. If you have a little more time, a side hustle or some form of passive income could boost your revenue by $500 a day. Online surveys are another way to bring in a few extra bucks.

Here’s a list of money-making options to help you make $500 today, or earn more money every week. We’ll even look at some jobs that pay $500 per day.

How To Make $500 A Day

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When I needed a large sum of money fast, I refinanced my car. My car was eight years old, and It had been paid off for several years. I took the title of my car to the bank, and they gave me another loan on my car which allowed me to get several thousand dollars that day.
2. Pawnshop

If your car isn’t paid for you might consider a pawn shop. You could take your most valuable items and pawn them for cash. Most shops give you the option to repurchase your stuff within a specific time frame.
  Small Business Ideas
3. Loan

I had also borrowed money from my 401k when I needed cash fast. Not all retirement plans allow you to borrow from them and if you make a withdraw you have to pay taxes and a penalty fee.
4. Borrow

Borrow the money from a friend or relative. If you offer collateral, such as jewelry or a gun, for the lender to hold in case you can’t repay them, they’ll be more likely to loan you the money.
5. Get Paycheck Early

Even in emergency situations, I don’t recommend the high-interest cash advance services for money. Instead, try using the Earnin app to get your paycheck faster without paying the big fees that cash advance businesses charge.

Get your paycheck anytime with this free app. Do you wish there was a way to have access to your money before payday?

Well, now there is. Earnin is an app created by Activehours that pay you for hours worked without any fees. The app has received 4.7 out of 5 stars on iTunes with over 5,000 reviews.
What is Earnin

In 2013 ActiveHours was started to provide a more economical alternative to payday loans.

Funding for Earnin comes from venture capitalists, and it’s used by big companies such as Bank of America, Uber, Starbucks, Apple, Lowes, Home Depot, Sprint, Pizza Hut, and Walmart to give their employees and contractors an advance on their pay.

Earnin has been featured on,, and

Anyone can use the app as long as you have your check direct deposited, you create a profile, and meet specific criteria. Your credit history is not a factor, and you don’t have to give your social security number.
Features of Earnin

    You pay a tip instead of a fee to use the service.
    A daily withdrawal limit of $100.
    Pay period withdrawal limit varies depending on pay.
    You must have direct deposit.
    Available to hourly and salary employees.

Here’s How Earnin Works

According to their website, you snap a picture of your timesheet, and then just a tap lets you cash out and receive your money through your bank account. You pay what you think is fair and there are no fees or interest.

More than half of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to make ends meet. For those folks, this app could avoid the high cost of overdraft fees or charges from late payments.

Currently, Americans pay around $32 billion in overdraft or insufficient funds fees, $9 billion on fees associated with payday lending and $6 billion in pawnshops fees.

Earnin can be a great safety net to use while you’re building an emergency fund and getting a budget in place but don’t rely on it long term. Fees and tips from anything add up over time.
6. Sell Stuff

    Sell Your Clothes- Most everyone has some gently used clothing that they don’t need. Look for a second-hand store, like Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange, that will pay cash for your items.
    Apps like Letgo and Facebook Marketplace are good places to sell clothing. Simply post a photo of your item and meet up with your buyer to collect your cash.
    For vintage and quirky items try the Depop app. The Depop app is similar to Instagram, with a 10% fee.
    Sell Services- Find Jobs you love at rates you choose with TaskRabbit. You can make some quick money doing odd jobs in your area.
    Sell your plasma to a plasma donation center near you.

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7. Side Hustles

    Deliver Packages- Amazon Flex pays $18 to $25 an hour to deliver Amazon packages. You must pass a background check and own a smartphone to be eligible.
    Shop- Get paid to shop with Shipt. Earn up to $22 or more by shopping at stores people love and delivering to their door. Set your hours, work when you want.
    Write- Get paid to write articles from home with this list of 101 sites that hire writers. You can earn a few dollars for a short review or hundreds of dollars for a long article.
    Transcribe- You don’t need any experience to obtain one of these online transcription jobs.
    Temp Jobs- Many temporary staffing agencies pay daily for a variety of tasks.

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8. Passive Income

    Install App- Get paid for installing the Nielsen Digital app on your mobile device and leaving it run in the background.
    Rent Your Car- Use the Turo app to rent out your car. Earn easy passive income by listing your car for rent when you aren’t using it.
    Sell Shirts- Sites like CafePress, TeeSpring, and SellMyTees, allow users to custom design T-shirts. Make a popular design and earn royalties.
    Amazon has a service called Amazon Merch; you upload your designs and Amazon takes care of making it, packing it, and shipping it.

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9. Surveys

    Toluna– This trusted website occasionally gives you free products to try and pays you with gift cards for your opinion.
    One Poll– Sign up and earn $5 today. Earn cash for your opinion, take interesting surveys, and win cash prizes.
    Hiving– Earn points for surveys and redeem them for cash or gift cards. Increase your earnings by inviting friends to participate.

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10. Jobs That Pay $500 Per Day

Plant Trimmer- If you live in a state where cannabis is legal you might consider a job as a marijuana plant trimmer. According to GFarma News, it’s tedious work, but some people make as much as $500 a day.

    Welder- According to CNBC, an underwater welder can make between $900 and $1200 a day.
    Pilot- The top 10% of commercial pilots earn an average of $120 per hour.
    Tattoo Artist- The best tattoo artists earn an average of $130 and up per hour.
    Photographer- Depending on the quality of work, freelance photographers earn between $13 and $100 an hour.
    Interior Designer- Most designers, need a college degree and require some form of licensing. Top designers average $100 an hour.

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