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[Image: toronto.jpeg]

Toronto has a vibrant and safe downtown area that's easy to get around on foot, by transit, or by taxi.  Downtown is also where you'll find the largest cluster of attractions, restaurants, and shopping, so it is by far the best area for most visitors.  (Downtown is roughly the area east of Spadina Avenue and west of Jarvis Street, running from the lake to just north of Bloor Street.)

It's not a good idea to stay by the airport, unless you have a flight to catch the next morning.  There's a good selection of airport hotels, but transit options from the airport area to downtown are either expensive or very slow.  Staying near the airport, especially without a car, will make it more difficult to see the city.

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[Image: 288163806.webp?k=fa70d54841490b384c772b0...c8620bb&o=]
This large, 4-star hotel offers well-appointed, luxurious accommodation with select rooms boasting views of Lake Ontario and Toronto’s spectacular city skyline. Everything about the stay was easy - the staff at the front desk and in the restaurant made every effort to make sure guests were comfortable. I didn’t run into any problems but if I had, I’ve no doubt they would have been on it. The rooms themselves were clean and the view of the lake was nice. Would definitely stay again! Visit here
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[Image: 003_o.jpg]
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